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Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Its October, or as many knitters now know it - Socktober. This of course means that I can cast on all the socks without feeling the slightest bit of guilt. Read on for my review of Hiya Hiya Flyer Needles and your chance to win a set !


I knit my first pair of socks about 15 years ago using Bamboo DPN’s and some Regia self-patterning sock yarn. I remember being surprised that it wasn’t anywhere near as scary or as complicated as I thought it was going to be, and I was quickly hooked. Since my first date with a set of DPN’s and a self-striping yarn (with Citizen Kane on the TV) I have tried out many different sock knitting methods before settling down with my long term love of 23cm fixed circulars.

Over the years I have had affairs with Magic Loop and from time to time I do rekindle a fleeting romance with my first love of DPN’s. But me and my short circs are forever partners. Until recently when Hiya Hiya tempted me with their new Flyer needles.

Flyers are a hybrid of a flexible circular needle and traditional DPN’s. They allow the knitter to work in a style that is somewhere between regular DPN’s and Magic Loop. One of the first alternative methods of sock knitting I experimented with was Cat Bordi’s Two Circular Needles method from “Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles”, working with Flyers reminds me a little bit of the two circular needle method, but without all the excess cables. And with three needles. Not two. (OK it sounds different, but the way the knitting feels in the hands is very similar)

When working with Flyers the stitches are divided equally over two needles and the third needle is a working needle. The idea is that as less needle transitions are required with this technique, knitting with this method allows for a smoother and faster knitting experience.

The set I am testing today is my preferred sharp steel tip in the 15cm/6” length. Flyers are also available in 12.5cm/5” and 20cm/8” lengths with a standard tip option, so you can chose the length and tip that best suits you.

Its no secret that I am a big fan of HiyaHiya needles. The tips are lightweight and come with an extra pointy option which is perfect for lace and cables (and all the other things I love to knit) The cord is flexible and fine with a large selection of lengths available. The Flyer needles share the same pointy tips and flexible cords as both the fixed and interchangeable circulars - so far so good.

Compared to working with DPN’s my stitches feel more secure on the Flyer needles and there is no faffing around with adjusting cords like in Magic loop. The Flyer experience is slicker and quicker than with either of these methods, but still not *quite* as fast as my short circs. For Less needles compared to standard DPN's

Easy to slide stitches - no need to adjust a needle "loop" like in Magic Loop

Longer needles - stitches more secure and not likely to fall off

Suitable for even the smallest circumference

Against Not quite as efficient as short circulars

To sum up, HiyaHiya Flyers share the wonderful lightweight extra pointy tips that I have come to love on my interchangeable set. Whilst flyers are certainly quick, they are still not quite as efficient as my preferred sock knitting method of a short circular. That said, Flyers would certainly be my choice for very small circumference knitting (such as a toe) and will be my new go to for starting of the centre of a circular shawl. I’m sorry Magic Loop – I’ve got a new beau.

HiyaHiya Flyers retail at approximately £13.50 per individual set, or £80 for a kit including accessories.

I have a kit containing Flyer needles sizes 2.25mm, 2.5mm, 2.75mm and 3.5 mm in a silk needle roll to giveaway to one of my newsletter readers. For your chance to win this set all you need to do is be subscribed to, and actively receiving my newsletter. I will be choosing a winner at random from subscribers registered at 31st Oct 11:59 GMT. You can sign up here to receive a monthly round up of my knitting news to including special offers and free patterns.

Now, I have a date with a heel turn…..

******************************************************************************************** Disclosure

I am already fully kitted out with my own set of HiyaHiya needles (all bought and paid for by yours truly) Promotional Prize supplied by HiyaHiya. Affiliate links are indicated in italics. Opinions and attitude all my original work.


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